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Covid-19 Safety

Miss Alicia's

Safety Practices

  •  I stay pretty close to home only going out for food, hikes, and the occasional hardware store or nursery. 

  •  I limit my interactions with friends and family but when I do it is with people I trust and I am sure to maintain distance, sit outside and/or wear a mask.

  • I maintain healthy life practices such as eating well, sleeping well, drinking plenty of water, and taking supplements that boost my immunity. 

  • I always wear a mask when going out in public.  

  • I use hand sanitizer and wash my hands regularly.

  • When with the children I will wear a mask when feasible. I would also like them to see my face occasionally to smile and connect. 


Wild Acorns'

Safety Protocols

  • Wild Acorns will be comprised of a set unit of children throughout the week. 

  • Per group size requirements no grade level or enrichment event will have more than 10 students. 

  • Students will be provided individualized materials to prevent cross-touching.

  • Any item that is unavoidably shared will be wiped and sanitized. 

  • Should we have a classroom space, the space will be sanitized regularly 

  • I will be the sole instructor and when including community members we will vet them for their covid safety practices. 

  • The majority of our time will be spent outdoors except when experiencing extreme weather. 

  • When indoors we will do our best to keep distanced and reduce touching to a minimum

  • Hand soap and hand sanitizer will be readily available and used often

  • Children will be monitored for health and temperatures taken when exhibiting symtoms. 

  • Children will be isolated comfortably and sent home if they have a fever of 100 degrees or higher. 

Request for


In order to create a safe container where children and I can feel comfortable letting our guards down a little, we will need to have some level of commonality between our practices.


Some suggestions would be ~ 

  • Wear a mask in public and when around people you don't know or trust. 

  • Wash hands regularly and/or hand sanitize. 

  • Limit interactions with people outside your immediate circle 

  • Refrain from gathering with more than 10 people. 

  • Maintain healthy life practices such as eating well, sleeping well, drinking plenty of water, and taking supplements that boost your immunity. 

  • When in a situation with potential exposure, self quarantine before returning to school. 

  • Do not send your child to school with any symptoms or signs of illness, even as we approach cold and flu season.

  • If you or your child exhibits symptoms, a negative covid test will be required before returning to the program.  

  • Remember that there is an inherent risk in coming together as a small group and the more we do to have safe practices at home the more we can protect the group as a whole. We must work together. 

In the Event...

In the event that you, a family member, or I should come down with Covid-19 here is what we will do to the best of our ability ~ 

  • Immediate and regular communication is highly important. ​

  • The school program will shut down and we will all quarantine for 14 days. 

  • If I am in good health, I will provide at-home schooling support for you and your family either through lesson plans, Zoom lessons, or a combination of both.

  • Testing of affected persons and/or family will be required before returning to our program.