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Enrollment + Tuition

Accepting Registration for Grade 1 only



Registration closes July 10, 2021

Late registration and waitlists extend through August

Interviews take place June - July 

Final notifications made by July 25, 2021

Interviews will take place before a child is accepted into the program. 

~ Packages ~Tuition is to be paid in 3 seasonal installments based on a 40-week timeframe.

Materials fees for the enrichment programs will apply. 

{The above is with the exception of the

Root and Woodland packages}

Root ~ Private tutoring by the hour $75/hour 1x/week

Acorn ~ 2 hours a day 4x/week  ~ $310/week

Sapling ~ 4 hours a day 4x/week  ~ $410/week

Oak Tree ~ 6 hours a day 4x/week  ~ $510/week 

Woodland ~ Fridays in Ojai ~ $60 a day


Depending on your chosen package and needs, your child will receive academic instruction and/or enrichment programs daily.

A portion of tuition will be saved for future scholarship funds to support families with financial needs and/or oppressed and marginalized groups. 

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thank you!