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About Us


Miss Alicia


My name is Miss Alicia and I have been a credentialed teacher at a Waldorf inspired  public school for 9 years in grades 1-3. After completing yearly Waldorf trainings in grades 1-3 as well as the Foundations Course through the Rudolf Steiner College, I am forever inspired by these methods of teaching the developing child. With connection at the core of what I do, I believe that building relationships with children is the foundation for their ability to learn and grow. When children feel loved and safe, their minds and hearts can expand in a way ready to meet the world.  And what a world that awaits them! My vision is to create an environment where children are met with respect, care, and a knowing that they themselves are a little seed with all the wisdom they need to grow. I am simply here to water and tend. 

Taking on a new venture of starting my own program I am excited for the vision to take hold and to learn and grow with the children. Wild Acorns Learning Village was birthed from a need by our community to create a more intimate and safe space for children to learn together as well as a dream growing in my heart to slow down and teach in a way that is in alignment with my values and beliefs. Having run a nature based summer camp for the past three years I feel very strongly about the need for children to be outside and learn from our great Mother Earth. I also love to craft and create beauty thus expanding a child's strength and will through making. 

I am excited to create this vision with you, the Village! 

What is Offered

In these uncertain and unfamiliar times, I aim to create a safe and warm learning environment for children to meet both their academic and social-emotional needs.


Here is what is being offered ~

  • A Waldorf inspired program for families who have chosen to homeschool grades 1-2 with the potential for grade 3. I will teach the children in small group settings as well as lay out lesson plans and support the families through their Waldorf homeschool experience. 

  • Private tutoring for families that are still connected to their school and need extra support for their child. 

  • Enrichment programs including handwork (knitting, sewing, crochet, felt), painting, crafts, nature connection, child-centered interests

  • Social-emotional learning through explicit social skills lessons, Way of Council, and Non-Violent Communication 

  • Community festivals to honor special times of year and changing of seasons 

  • Parent participation is encouraged to help create our village environment

  • Opportunities for additional community members to share their skills and gifts with the children.