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Agoura Hills 

The Agoura Hills program is opening it's doors to 4th grade. We have a skilled and dedicated Waldorf trained teacher and assistant to run academic and enrichment programs 3 days a week. Once a week, our director, Miss Alicia, will visit the program to offer nature experiences, fiber arts lessons, as well as farm lessons making it a 4 day enriching program.

Please see below for the option that best suits you and

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Program begins September 6, 2022 and ends June 6, 2023

Enrollment now open! Ends July 1, 2022

Interviews close July 15, 2022

Sapling ~ 4 hours a day/4 days a week 

  • Cost is $350/week

  • Must commit seasonally 

  • Hours are 9am-1pm or 11am-3pm dependent on age of child 

  • Monday-Thursday

  • Parent helpers encouraged

Oak Tree ~ 6 hours a day/4 days a week 

  • Cost is $450/week

  • Must commit seasonally 

  • 9am -3pm Monday-Thursday 

  • Parent helpers required

Specialty teachers such as music, language, etc will be paid for and organized by the parents. We are happy to help find time in the day for the classes and help find quality instructors. 

Tuition must be paid seasonally at the start of each season. Tuition is divided by a 40 week year into 3 seasons. Deposit required once accepted into the program. 

Seasonal materials fees will apply. 

Sliding scale options available. Please inquire. 

Family interviews will take place once registration is received. Please see below for registration form. 


Grade 2

Second grade is a year of dualities, right and wrong, good and bad. They waiver on the fence of early childhood and the next phase of development. They value perfectionism and justice. We honor this inner growing by sharing stories of saints, inspiring people, fables. We dive deeper into multiplication, division, place value, and manipulating numbers to 1000. We sing and move our bodies in more complicated ways building confidence and skill. 


Grade 3

Third graders are ready to do! This is the year of "I can". They are willing and able helpers. They are wanting to know how they can take care of themselves and the curriculum meets this developmental stage perfectly. We honor their desire to do through building, farming, gardening, handwork, textiles, shelters, and learn cursive. They are eager and more ready to divide, memorize their multiplication facts and deepen their relationships to numbers. They are readers and ravenous writers. 


Grade 4

Fourth grade is when the child is deep into their 9-year change. They are growing in heart and mind learning through dark and light and finding themselves in the middle. They are ready to find their place in the world through geography and local history.  They hear stories from Norse mythology applying the myths to their own inner sensibilities. They expand their writing skills and develop a deeper relationship to grammar and punctuation. Fractions and deepening mathematics with larger numbers and all the processes help strength their flexible thinking skills.