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Here is a brief description on what you can expect to find in Wild Acorns homeschool programming. Please see the bottom of the page for further offerings ~ 


Our approach to education includes art in our main lessons, whether it be Language Arts or Mathematics. In addition, each child will receive an enrichment afternoon including painting and creative seasonal crafts. 


Each day during our Main Lesson work children will learn songs and learn to play the recorder or pentatonic flute. In addition, the morning circle including seasonal songs and poetry will be an integral part of our day.


Movement is a very important part to a young child's learning. We will move our bodies regularly through circle activities, counting games, nature/garden explorations, dancing, and more. 


Language Arts, the way we communicate with each other is a very important part of grades 1 and 2. Through fairytale stories in grade 1 we introduce the letters and expand on how they relate to language with phonics and spelling patterns. We learn to write a simple sentence with proper structure and form. In grade 2 we celebrate the duality of the child's development and hear stories about animal fables and of saints. We use these stories and imagery to deepen our ability to write and to read. 


In grades 1 and 2 the young child is building their number sense and the relationships numbers have to each other. In first grade we start with 1, the greatest number of all. 1 earth, 1 me. We build on the numbers and their qualities through story and imagery introducing simple addition and subtraction facts. In grade 2 we continue to build on this knowledge also with story and imagery introducing skip counting as well as simple multiplication and division. Movement becomes paramount as we build these math skills. 


The world is inherently beautiful. One of the ways humans can give back is by sharing beauty, the beauty we can make with the gifts of our hands and hearts. We value the art of crafting and honor the way these paramount skills build resilience, will, and lifelong abilities in children. Handwork, fiber arts, natural dyeing, and seasonal crafts are an important part of Wild Acorns.

Nature Connection

Connecting to the natural world is a large part of Wild Acorns philosophy. Unstructured play in nature is paramount to a child's healthy development. Thus, nature experiences will be prevalent in our enrichment program. Weekly day-long excursions in wild nature will embed our rhythm and main lesson curriculum. Through hiking, biking, paddling, swimming, and snow sports the children will experience all-weather nature connection and activity.  

Farm Life

We believe in the value of knowing where our food and clothing come from. We believe children inherently honor life and death in mystical ways. Our goal is to raise livestock together for fiber and milk and eggs and to build that kin connection between human and animal, the relationship of compassion and gratitude. The children will assist in farm tasks ie building, gardening, and animal care. 

Purposeful Work

More physical development occurs in the first seven years of life than any other time in a human's existence, thus much of the day consists of nourishing the physical body with healthful habits. For young children, willful and purposeful activity imbues a feeling of connection to be a part of the world, imitating the adults and becoming confident in their bodies and minds.  Sweeping the floor, raking leaves, shoveling snow, gathering firewood, or farming chores, are examples of purposeful work and play that can be seen at Wild Acorns. 

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