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Greetings families!

I am excited to announce that Wild Acorns is up and running again in a seasonal format! We are offering holiday camps for kiddos ages 5-9 out in the beautiful wild lands of Ojai, with any luck the rains will flow our river once more and water will return to our play environment.


Each day will be filled with story, song, nature exploration, awareness games, and a special seasonal craft.


Please see below for details and check this page frequently for future offerings. 

Offerings ~

Nature and Craft Gratitude Camp 

Sunday November 20

Monday November 21

Tuesday November 22


You can sign up for 1 day, 2 days, or 3 days

$75 per child for one day

$150 per child for two days

$200 per child for all three days

Please complete the registration form below and send a 50% deposit dependent on your total to Venmo (friends version) @aliciahoneybee

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Grade 1

First grade is a year of growth and change. They emerge from their kindergarten cocoons ready to learn and expand their thinking. They are eager and excited for school activities and always willing to work. The first grader lives in the realm of fairies, beauty, and goodness. They hear many fairytales where archetypes abound, teaching us all the many roles we play in our lives. They see good outsmart evil, magic take flight. They learn to count and build relationships with the 4 mathematical processes through story and hands on learning. They are ready. 



The world is inherently beautiful. One of the ways humans can give back is by sharing beauty, the beauty we can make with the gifts of our hands and hearts. Knitting is profoundly beneficial to the growth of the young child, it teaches counting skills, patience, the building of the will, and through crossing the midline, the child strengthens their readiness for reading and higher level thinking. Sewing, the ins and outs, the ups and downs, again we are crossing midlines and building will and building a lifelong beneficial skill. Seasonal and nature crafts build our connection to the time of year, the place we love, and how simple beauty can be. There are so many ways to make beauty in the world, crafting is my favorite. 


Grade 2

Second grade is a year of dualities, right and wrong, good and bad. They waiver on the fence of early childhood and the next phase of development. They value perfectionism and justice. We honor this inner growing by sharing stories of sints, inspiring people, and fables. We dive deeper into multiplication, division, place value, as well as manipulating numbers to 1000 through multi-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping. We sing and move our bodies in more complicated ways building confidence and skill. 


Nature Connection

The young child (and adults too!) benefit immensely from unstructured time in nature. Building forts, crystal caves, and imaginative play all have a role in the social and emotional development of a child. Nature teaches natural boundaries for a child. She helps the child know where is too far, too high, too close. The children build confidence, problem solving skills, friendships, and freedom in a way that only the outdoors can provide. Together we will play games, splash in the waters, climb the trees, and explore the mysteries of our natural world. Together we will fall in love with our great earth so they will forever steward her.