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Wild Acorns
Learning Village

from a tiny acorn a mighty oak will grow


Our Mission

We provide quality Waldorf pedagogy to homeschooling families while addressing the developmental growth of children through nature immersion, farm skills, and a head, hands, and heart approach to learning with Waldorf trained and credentialed teachers at the helm.

A home for homeschooling families.

Waldorf Inspired

Wild Acorns is dedicated to using Waldorf methodologies of story, song, and art to honor the child's developmental needs while expanding their abilities in both language arts and mathematics. 

Farm + Forest

Through ample opportunities for deep nature connection as well as nature recreation, children build confidence and skills that can only be found outside. Our connection to the natural world and our relationships to other beings builds compassion, grief, joy and the range of skills inherent in tending land and animals. 


Wild Acorns believes in fostering deep relationships with students and families. We are a village! The children learn to connect with themselves, with each other, and with the natural world. 

Village Life

Through seasonal festivals and community oriented events our program offers a whole family approach to education. We also have a dynamic enrichment program that aims to meet the needs of all the children. Parent participation is welcomed and encouraged as well as special guest teachers from the community. 

What Parents Think

Miss Alicia is a dedicated, thoughtful, and talented leader.  She brought a wonderful magical awareness of nature and beauty to my child's education grades 1-3.  Not only did she prepare her for the upper elementary grades but she helped mold her into a thoughtful and responsible community member.  We cherish the time she continues to spend with Miss Alicia every summer at her camp program as well.  We highly recommend Miss Alicia as an educator and mentor for our children.

~ Tami H. 

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